(Pinnacle Western, $6.99)
(Pinnacle Western, $6.99)

The gunfighter is one of the most famous archetypes in Western literature, and his killing eyes and vengeful heart have been humanized by the authors of this short story collection, Law of the Gun.

Readers won’t focus on the draw of the gun, but on the toll of a former lawman now working only for survival and set to the charge of giving greenhorns their dream ranch experience. The trial of the supposed Lucy Angel of dime novel exploit draws us in immediately with empathy for the accused. We learn how one man’s killing of the twin brother of his pregnant sweetheart molds him into a bounty hunter. The authors of these 17 stories make it seem as if gunfighters deserve a soft place in our hearts, and for those of us who have always felt that way, this book is indeed a treat.


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