Billy the Kid tangled with Dracula, and Jesse James met Frankenstein’s daughter (both in 1966 movies). Zombie cowboy films seem to be the flavor of the season again.

In 2008, audiences had a choice of two Zombie Westerns on DVD: Undead or Alive and The Quick and The Undead. This year, George Romero, the man responsible for the movie that started it all, The Night of the Living Dead (1968), will be releasing his as-yet-unnamed Zombie Western.

Also coming to theaters in 2009 or 2010 will be director Sam Mendes’s adaptation of Preacher, the DC/Vertigo adult comic series, which features demons and angels in the modern West. The comic contains guest appearances by a ghostly John “Duke” Wayne and a relentless killing machine in a 10-gallon hat and duster called the “Saint of Killers.”  If they get this one right, it’ll be a miracle.

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