Paramount; $129.98
Paramount; $129.98

The Wild Wild West, a TV series that ran from 1965-69, was a definite curiosity, a strange hybrid of Spy Drama, Science Fiction and traditional Western. James West (Robert Conrad) and Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin) always managed to keep a straight face while a parade of campy loons tried out one nefarious plot after another, week in and week out.

Some of the fans are less than thrilled with this set. Here’s why: folks who loved the show have made a point of buying each season as it shipped, and they’ve been patiently waiting for Paramount to finally offer on DVD the two made-for-TV features: The Wild Wild West Revisited (1979) and More Wild Wild West (1980). The problem is, the fans have to buy the entire four seasons all over again, if they want to get the two movies.

It’s also odd that the extras on the first season box set, which were quite nice, have been excluded here. All DVD upgrades and subsequent editions should carry at least the same goodies as found in earlier releases.

Paramount also could have tossed in a booklet or art or some kind of fancy steampunk doodad, like the stuff West and Gordon used in every show. That’s the way to get the fans to reinvest.

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