Author George Eliot (actually a pseudonym for Mary Ann Evans) wrote that “No man can be wise on an empty stomach.”

I agree. Which is why, if I lived in Lander, I know my stomach would often lead me to 628 Main Street, home to JB’s Wild Wyoming, established in 1994.

For my morning English Muffin, I’d pick up some of Sandy’s hand-picked wild Chokecherry jam. For my ham sandwiches, I’d buy her excellent Dill mustard. Whichever of Jerry’s handmade sausages I’d choose—Buffalo, Elk, Beef or Pork—I know that my stomach would thank me later.

Yes, I admit it. I’m a food snob. I like supporting American-grown, organic products sold by local businesses. So the Bath’s store is perfect for a purist like me.

Even in the midst of her busy holiday season, Sandy found the time to share what she loves most about living in Lander. You know what’s the best part about stopping by and asking her for some tips on how to enjoy this beautiful town tucked in the foothills of the Wind River Mountain Range? You can chew on some of her homemade fudge, while you’re taking notes.

Good Cowboy Bar: Cowboys, climbers and bankers all enjoy the Lander Bar, built in 1907.

Favorite Local Cuisine: The Hitching Rack prepares great steaks.

Best Art Gallery of the West: Western Art Collectibles on Main Street, owned by Bob Hede.

Best Bookstore of the West: Main Street Books.

What historic site do most of the schoolchildren visit? The new Fremont County Pioneer Museum.

Do-not-miss Attraction: Sinks Canyon, and the Loop Road drive from Lander to Atlantic City.

Old West Attractions: Historic South Pass City and Atlantic City.

What to do in January? See the largest sled dog race in the lower 48 states, second only to the Iditarod: See the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race. (Local Wendy Davis won the eight-day race in 2007.)

What radio personality do the locals listen to? KOVE/KDLY 1330 AM, with DJ Jay Bo Jackson playing Western oldies and music by new artists.

Average House Cost: $200,000.

Average Temperature: Summer is 75 degrees, while Winter is 35 degrees.

Special thanks to Sandy Bath, owner, along with her husband Jerry, of JB’s Wild Wyoming, for sharing her love of the town with us.

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