True West November 2020
True West November 2020



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bob boze bell painting woman mexican spy true west magazine

The Mexican Revolution’s Mata Hari

The true story of the mysterious and elusive Helene Pontipirani

six guns cowboy guns true west magazine

Cap & Ball Six-Guns: A Smoke-Filled Adventure

Firearms fans are finding old-timey black powder revolver replicas offer a "time travel" shooting experience.

zapata mexico history true west magazine

¡Viva Zapata! ¡Tierra y Libertad!

A century AFTER the end of the Mexican revolution, revolutionary Emiliano Zapata still inspires political reform and justice.


wyatt earp dick naylor horse true west magazine

Wyatt’s Stallion, the Apache Kid and the Code of the West

What became of Wyatt Earp’s horse, Dick Naylor? When did the first autos appear in the Wild West towns? There is a U.S. National Forest map “The Apache Kid Wilderness” that shows the Apache Kid’s gravesite. Is that accurate? And more.

home on the range cabin true west magazine

Home On The Range Cabin “…And The Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day”

Going “home” to a sweet moment in American history.

bob boze bell big nose kate true west magazine

Eyewitness To Mayhem?

Did Big Nose Kate watch the Tombstone shootout?

What History Has Taught Me: Silas Hite

Silas Hite, Composer, Musician, Artist

western roundup true west magazine

Western Roundup November 2020

Western events for November 2020

mexican revolution rifles true west magazine

Guns of Mexico’s Freedom Fighters

During Mexico’s 1910 Revolution, rebel forces fought with muzzle-loaders, lever-action and bolt-action repeaters—even machine guns.

cavalry charge bob boze bell true west magazine

Combate De Los Malamigos (The Battle Of Bad Friends)

Villa vs Calles: With friends like these, who needs enemies? Pancho gets whipped and three of his adversaries become president of Mexico!

wyoming’s wind river mountains true west magazine

Peak to Peak

Bold. Inspirational. Sacred. Rugged.

women chefs true west magazine

They Earned A Living On Their Feet

Women of grit and grace brought home cooking to their restaurants across the West.

gunfight at the ok corral true west magazine

Earl Holliman

One of Hollywood’s finest gentlemen of the silver screen recalls his early career in Westerns.

austin nevada true west magazine

Austin, Nevada

The Old West is alive in the friendliest town on the loneliest highway.

Western Books & Movies

Last Ride Across Hi-Lo

Max Evans’s final novel The King of Taos, a literary Western, and new biographies of outlaws Cherokee Bill and Willis Newton.

The Horizon West

Western book publishing is experiencing a banner year in 2020 despite the pandemic.

More In This Issue

pancho villa troops true west magazine

Pancho Villa And The El Paso Connection

¡Ay Chihuahua! How this strategic U.S. town launched the Mexican Revolution.