Eastern Oregon 175th Anniversary of the Oregon Trail

Throughout 2018 Oregon will be commemorating an epic event the foretold the history of the west. 175 years ago, the first wagons struck out on the Oregon Trail undertaking what would become the largest, unforced migration in history, forever changing the culture of the true west. The impact of the Oregon Trail on the Native Americans, coupled with the pure daily drama encounter by the emigrants, forged the story of the people who now call Oregon, and particularly Eastern Oregon home.

A visit to Eastern Oregon will allow you many opportunities to not only trace the steps of these early settlers, but meet the modern pioneers who are carrying forward the spirit that drove over 350,000 people to trek 10 miles a day, mostly by foot, over the 2,000 mile journey called the Oregon Trail. Today you can relive this journey at five major interpretive centers located in Oregon, coupled with many fine regional and local museums. The National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center near Baker City brings to live the daily grind, the loss of loved ones, and the words found in the diaries of the pioneers. The Tamástslikt Cultural Institute near Pendleton, Oregon tells the story from the indigenous people’s point of view, but relaying the stories of Coyote and the foretelling of massive change.

However, the 175th Commemoration of the Oregon Trail is not just about experiencing the journey, it is also about touching the present-day culture of Eastern Oregon. From sitting down to lunch with a fifth-generation Oregonian, who’s roots go back to the Trail, to watching a saddle, boot, or hat maker as they craft the heritage of the west into every stitch, your visit along the Trail in the eastern portion of the state of Oregon will allow you to take home a unique story.

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