mark_sublette_medicine_man_gallery_western_indian_paintingsThe owner of Medicine Man Gallery (in Tucson, Arizona, and Santa Fe, New Mexico), Mark Sublette specializes in early Western and Indian paintings.

He’s known for his unique offerings of Maynard Dixon, featuring photographs, poetry and books on loan from Maynard’s son John.

Today’s Art Market:
The art market for us has turned; our sales are up from last year—especially for those high-quality, rare pieces by blue chip artists.

Artist Whose Prices Spiked:
I did notice an increase in Maynard Dixon’s prices over the last year; there seems to be a pent-up demand for his work.

Dark Horse in the Art World:
I don’t know if dark horse would be the way I would describe Josh Elliott, but Josh’s work has been the most sought after of all my artists this last year, and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.

New Artist on the Scene:
Dean Mitchell is a highly accomplished artist back East, but is fairly new to the Western scene, and is now being recognized at numerous Western museum shows.

Best Book I Read:
If you haven’t read Hampton Sides’s Blood and Thunder, you’re missing one of the great Western books of all times. Sides’s storytelling brings to life the true-life adventure of Kit Carson in an unbiased fashion.

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