According to Variety, Morgan Freeman, who last saddled up in Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-winning Unforgiven, is looking to launch an Eastern/Western that will give the phrase “Cowboys and Indians” a new twist.

Moses Taite’s War will take place in Kansas and India in 1875, and deals with a rancher’s need to recover from an epidemic that devastates his cattle by traveling to India to purchase some breeding livestock. Apparently Taite gets involved in some sort of civil conflict, which sounds like it might involve the British occupiers. That’s a guess, but at the time the story takes place, not too long after the Indian rebellion of 1857, India was undergoing trouble with famines and its economy.

Here’s a thought: Imagine The Magnificent Seven set in India, with some renegade British soldiers or cavalry in place of Calvera and his raiders. Now imagine Morgan Freeman doing an elaborate Bollywood dance number in the middle of a campfire scene, after eating a plateful of volcanic vindaloo. There’s never a Mel Brooks around when you need one.

Whatever the plot, the picture sounds interesting, and at this point is still in the first draft screenplay stages. Stay tuned.

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