What can you tell us about the movie lot called Cudia City in Phoenix, Arizona? The TV series 26 Men was shot there.

John Mason Glen, Ph.D.

Elsah, Illinois

During WWII, Salvatore Cudia, a longtime showman in Europe and Los Angeles, bought the land northeast of 40th St. and Camelback and built living quarters, a sound stage, Mexican gardens and a Western street; he called it Cudia City. Filmmakers filmed several movies there, but shooting was interrupted by the war and the big sound stage went dark. It was later used for civic groups, private parties and banquets.

After the war, movie production started anew with Wild Bill Elliott in the “Red Ryder” films. Cudia reached its peak during the filming of 26 Men (a 1950s series about the Arizona Rangers) but eventually, the real estate became too valuable, and it was sold for residential development.

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