(LaFrontera Publishing, $23.95)
(LaFrontera Publishing, $23.95)

Four storyteller collections came out in 2010 that are deserving of mention as we embark on a new year that will hopefully be a fruitful one for those who wish to share the tales of the Old and the New American West.

Western Writers of America published the most notable collection of the bunch, Roundup! This organization has been handing out literary awards in the genre since 1953; nobody better than its members could gather the freshest stories that celebrate the rich heritage of the American West. Elmer Kelton, Matt Braun and Richard Wheeler show excellence in the short story form, and True West’s own contributing writers—Robert M. Utley, Johnny D. Boggs, Bill Markley, Tom Carpenter and Dusty Richards—craft tales that reflect today’s divergent forms of the Western that trace back to the dream of the frontier, new beginnings and the chance for redemption. If you only pick up one short story collection this year, Roundup! is your best bet for an entertaining read.

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