February 2016

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Top 10 True Western Towns of 2016

Frank Canton

Frank Canton’s Assassination Squad

Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday: Deadly Killer?

“You Got Me!”

Belle Starr

“I am A Friend to any Brave and Gallant Outlaw”

Western Events for February 2016

John D. McDermott

John D. McDermott

Bleeding Kansas

What route did the cattle drives take to get to Sedalia, Missouri?

Buried Alive

George Ruffner

George Ruffner’s Winning Hand

A Natural Born Businesswoman

The First Drive By Shooting

The Croquet Kid

Camp Grant

The Camp Grant Massacre – Arizona

Playing the Numbers

Bamboozler Anthony Blum

As a Farm Woman Thinks

The Walker Party Unraveled

Stagecoach Mary

John Bull’s Fists

The Railroad Arrives in Yuma

Doc Holliday Im Your Huckleberry

I’m Your Huckleberry, That’s Just my Game

A Deadly Kitchen

The Chinese Exclusion Act

Custer, Then & Now

Lightning Without Thunder

Cochise County’s Winged Dragon

A Six Inch Rain

Billy Vs. Ned

Wilbur Sanders of Montana

Did frontier pioneers use whiskey as a medicine?

Women Outlaws

Wyatt Earp Stops a Train

Desperados Waiting for a Train

Lucia St. Clair Robson

Mescalero Melee

Frank Hamer’s Brother

Joe Phy vs Pete Gabriel

The Men from Music Mountain

Ask the Marshall – Indian Burial

Did Tombstone diarist George W. Parsons ever marry the girl he referred to as “Natalie?”

Burlesque Baseball

Cowboy Dream

The Cowboy’s Dream

The Reno Gang

Ask the Marshall – Indian Burial

Was stuntman Joe Canutt related to Yakima Canutt?

Walking the Line

Pinkertons WFM leaders

The Pinkertons

Dodge City Peace Comission

The Dodge City War

Billy the Kid and Ned Kelly

Legends, Outlaws, Brothers

Dock Newton’s Midnight Burglary

Priceless Mormon Treasure

A Mission Tour of the Pacific Northwest

The Gypsy and the Bear

The Reno Gang’s Last Hurrah

Cole Younger Never Got The Lead Out

Remington’s Arizona Play

John Tunstall

John Tunstall’s Journey West

Billy the Kid

Is it Billy?

Killin’ Killeen

Walter Brennan

An American Classic

A Western Woman’s Parlor Life

Pancho Villa

Pancho’s Lost Film

The 3X Brand

What’s in the Name?

Wyatt Earp

Old West Gangsters

Ask the Marshall – Indian Burial

An old photograph depicts an Indian burial scaffold with a dead horse in the foreground. Was that normal?

Emerson Hough, friend of Patt Garrett

Pat Garrett’s Assassin

Lawyers of Tombstone’s “Rotten Row”

O Homo

City of Angels, City of Vice