Ask the Marshall – Joe Canutt

Was stuntman Joe Canutt related to Yakima Canutt?

Duff Hale
Midlothian, Texas

Harry Joe Canutt was Yakima’s second son. Yakima’s eldest son, Edward Clay “Tap,” was also a top stuntman. Both sons worked with their famous father.

World champion cowboy-turned- stuntman Enos Edward Canutt was born in 1895 in Colfax, Washington. When he competed in the Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon in 1914, a newspaper mistakenly reported he was from Yakima and the nickname “Yakima” or “Yak” stuck. He parlayed his rodeo profession into a movie stuntman career that included doubling for John Wayne in 1939’s Stagecoach.

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