May 2016

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More In This Issue

Copper Queen Hotel, Bisbee, AZ

Grande Dames of the West

Post-mortem photo of the Dalton Gang

A Life Cut Short


Tombstone Trivia

Bobbie Nudie

The Original Rhinestone Cowgirl

Bishop Mule Days

Western Events for May 2016

Depiction of the Apache Kid

On the Rock with the Apache Kid

James Masterson

Jim Masterson and a Stick of Dynamite

Celebration at the completion of the Union Pacific Railroad in May 1969

No “Thanks” for the Chinese

book "The Valles Caldera" by Gary L. Sutart

Death Comes for the Wicked

Father Pierre Jean De Smet

On the Trail of Father Pierre De Smet

Bill Tilghman

The Man Who Shot Bill Tilghman

Depiction of Ike Clanton Drinking Wine

Fine Wine at the O.K. Corral

Larcena Pennington

The Ordeal of Larcena Pennington

Jesse James

Was Jesse James fighting to bring back the Confederacy?

Ask The Marshall

Did most Texas Rangers not wear badges until after the turn of the 20th century?

Action shot from THE REVENANT

The True Odyssey of Hugh Glass

snake oil

Snake Oil

Art by Bob Boze Bell

A Nazi Western?

Studebaker Wagon Poster

Wheelbarrows Started The Fortune

New Model 1861 Remington Army Revolver

John Wayne’s First Movie Six-gun

Roulette players at Bank Saloon in Tonopah, NV

One-Armed Bandits

Indiana State Seal

There Must be Something in the Water…

Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Faux Pas, Arizona-Style

Painting of the Apache Kid escaping

Tragic Powwow

Jenner Ranch

Sinful Chocolate

Centennial Saloon, Silver City, NM

Dangerous Dan

Ask The Marshall

Was John Wesley Hardin as deadly and fast to shoot as folks claim?

The Explorer

The First Naval Vessel on the Colorado River

border banditos

Border Bandidos

Jefferson Glass

Beyond the Horizon with Author Jefferson Glass

Paul Andrew Hutton

America’s Longest War

Frank Hamer

No Revenge for Frank Hamer

A Way Across the Mountain

The Yosemite Legend of Joseph Walker

Bucket of Blood Saloon

What’s in a Name?

Army Corps. Topographical Engineers

Army Corps of Topographical Engineers

Wild Bill Hickok

A Freighter Transcends the Plains

Ask The Marshall

What does Mark Twain mean by “Josh-lights” in Roughing It?

Teddy Roosevelt and Rough Riders

Cowboys & Millionaires


Gold-Hungry Ghosts in Bannack

Hugh Glass

“Go False Man”

Cole Younger

The Outlaw and the Lady

Wyatt Earp

The Vendetta Ride

Arizona on Stage book

Lights! Camera! Action!

Political Badges

A House Divided

Merlin Heinze, Tanner

Merlin Heinze

Mormon Battalion

The Fickle Gila River



War Hero on the Campaign Trail

Big Nose Kate

He Lived With Big Nose Kate

Harry Tracy

Double Crossin’ Duelist

Erastus "Deaf" Smith

Erastus “Deaf” Smith

Buffalo Soldier

The Origins of “Buffalo Soldier”

Buck Stinson

Accusing the Deadly

Trading Post

The Reservation Trading Post Era

Jane Sanford and Son

Jane Sanford Left a Legacy, Too

Marshall Trimble

Did Paulita Maxwell bear Billy the Kid’s child?

Isaac Cody

Match that Lit the Civil War

Annie Graham

Arizona Women of the Pleasant Valley War

Whitman's Chocolate

Whitman’s Chocolates are 174 Years Old

Monroe Fox

Scene Stealers

Sacagawea and Pomp

America’s Youngest Explorer Sees the World

Pendleton, Oregon

Let ’er Buck

La Tules

The Legend of La Tules

Herman Lehmann

An Extraordinary Life

Rough Riders Book

A Hero’s Tale

curly bill brocius

Galeyville Outlaw Eating Etiquette

Joe Medicine Crow

The Loss of a National Treasure

Deadwood Renactment

A Wild Time in Historic Deadwood, South Dakota

Marshall Trimble

Why do Westerns show mainly male horses?

Members of the Santo Domingo Pueblo

Rubble on Route 66

James Gillett

Stopping Sam Bass

Ludwig Kohn

That’s Got to Hurt!

Comstock Miners

The “Granddaddy” of Silver Strikes

Big Hole Battlefield

Between Glacier and Yellowstone, Experience Two National Treasures

ay chihuahua

¡Ay Chihuahua!

James Stinson

What Started the Pleasant Valley War?     

Butterfield Station Site

Tragedy on the Butterfield Line

Clara Brown

“Aunt Clara” Brown, Angel of the Rockies

Kit Carson

A Legendary Horseback Duel

meagher twins

The Death of Jim Talbot

Marshall Trimble

Did the 7th Cavalry Carry Sabers at the Battle of the Little Big Horn?