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Did Paulita Maxwell bear Billy the Kid’s child?

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Paulita Maxwell was Billy the Kid’s favorite squeeze, and she was pregnant at the time he was killed, so she probably was carrying his baby.

“Paulita Maxwell, who, if the gossip Garrett’s wife Apolinaria had doubtless heard from her sister Celsa was true, was pregnant with Billy’s child,” says Frederick Nolan, a Billy the Kid historian.

Pat Garrett, the sheriff on the hunt for the Kid, figured that Maxwell had told the outlaw about her pregnancy and that he would go to Fort Sumner, New Mexico, where Garrett fatally shot the Kid.

“Paulita had a daughter, but the date of her birth has always been in doubt, and she died at about 16,” Lincoln County historian Drew Gomber says. “Whether or not Paulita had Billy’s kid, I don’t know, but I do believe she was pregnant at the time of the Kid’s death. [Her brother] Pete Maxwell was a mighty unhappy fellow!”

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