October 2015

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Cowboy Artists Celebrate 50 Years

Arresting Doc Holliday

john waynes brother

How did the frontier military travel?

Western Events for October 2015

Wyatt Earp in Hollywood

Cowboy Cook Book

Taste of the West

Big Brims

Wells Fargo Messenger Turned Celebrity

Climax Chew

Climax Jim Chews on the Evidence

The Legendary Crook’s Trail

Mary Doria Russell

Mary Doria Russell

The Wild Kingdom on the Santa Fe Trail

J. Frank Dalton

Who Was J. Frank Dalton?

Wyatt Earp vs Tombstone Mob

The Standoff

Fort Apache Indain with bow

Silent Death

Medicine Lodger Robbers

Moonlighting Lawmen

In Search of the Old West with an English Cowboy

Queen of the Western Gamblers

Prarie Fires painting

Wildfires on the Prairie

john waynes brother

I cowboyed with a man named John Tisdale in Wyoming in my youth. Didn’t a man by that name get killed in the Johnson County War?

T.P. Porter Turret Rifle

360 Degrees of Death

A Seedy Business

The Italian Indian

When the Western Waned

Ben Thompson and King FIsher

Ben Thompson’s Signed and Stained Photograph

Into the West

The Ultimate Sorrow

Paradise Sky cover

Black Hills Adventure

Vulture Mine Wickenburg

Wickenburg’s Western Ways

Narcissa Whitman

The Whitman Massacre

john waynes brother

How many of the regular cast of Gunsmoke are still alive today?

The Walker Party

Trailblazing History

Bat Masteron

Bat Masterson, Foreigner and Lawman

A Lion in Arizona’s Wild Rim Country

john waynes brother

Do any accounts exist of tornadoes destroying settlements, wagon trains or Indian villages in the Old West?

A Madam’s Life Story

Monty McCord

Lawman-Author Monty McCord Shoots Straight on Best Books


Wanda the Wonderful

Wall of Flame

The Twice-Hanged, Headless Hooch

The Western Real and Imagined


California’s Clara Barton

A Gutsy Winter Soldier

john waynes brother

Were members of the James-Younger Gang drunk when they robbed the bank in Northfield, Minnesota?

Buckeye Gets Burned

The Bandit Who Wouldn’t Give Up

Custer Cemetery Champion

The First “Shooting Star” of the Silver Screen

A Slap in the Face and a Bullet in the Head


Longmire’s Vengeance Ride


From Slave to Philanthropist

B.S. at the O.K. Corral

1916: Wilson’s Border War

Gunfight at Saucelito Valley

A Loser and His Park

The Long Fight to Become a State

Shot Down In A Blaze of Gory. Yes, Gory.

Is This Doc Holliday?