September 2016

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Building Your Western Library

Building Your Western Library: Mike Cox

apache scouts

The Apache Scouts


Did American Indians have some version of bathrooms or latrines?

Virgil's Arm

Virgil’s Arm Flapping in the Breeze

Dan Collier

What History Has Taught Me

Rowdy Joe

Rowdy Joe vs. William Red Beard

Honeymoon Trail

Honeymoon Trail

Imagining Tombstone

The Tombstone Mystique

Eating Out

steam engine

Steaming into the Future

The Tale That Won’t Die

rough riders

Arizona Rough Riders

Pete Spence

Pete Spence

The Reel Walk Downs

Rocky Mountain Fur Company

On the Trail of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company


What is the Hole-in-the-Wall Pass in Wyoming?

Behan’s Lies

A Wannabe Badman


Powhatan Clarke

Lost in the Wilderness

Harvey Whitehill

Marshal Harvey Whitehill

Del Potter’s Railroad

Crossroads of the West

Marion Hedgepath

Marion Hedgepath, the Debonair Bandit

Fred Harvey Days


Ghosts Going Gangbusters?

John Hance

John Hance, Grand Canyon’s Windjammer

The Slopers

My family connections include John Wesley Hardin and Clay Allison, both of whom had Tennessee ancestors. Did the outlaws ever meet?

Big Wheel on the River

Angels and the Bad Men—and Women

The Jaybird-Woodpecker War

New Doc Photo Discovery?

Ike Clanton’s Last Ride

When Good Horses Were Ridden Down

Rock Springs Massacre

O.K. Fight

Tilghman’s Tall Tale

Western Events for September 2016

Gunfighter: Partly Truth and Partly Fiction

Did the Wild West era have any famous deaf people?

Getting to Know Doc and Wyatt

A Blundered Billy Legend

Old West Jails

A Short Storm at a Deadly Address

Top 6 Art Museums of the West 2016

The Gentleman Train Robber

The Shoots Far Gun

Wyatt Earp Myth Busters

An Outlaw with a “Faultess” Figure

Hot Times in Hillside Boom Towns

Tombstone Jackpot

Unsung Hero?

A Western Life Well Lived

The Loomis Gang

Broken Lance

Burt Alvord’s Train Robbing Posse

Can a person ride his horse to death?

The Fix

Big Jim French

A Barn Worth Saving

Tom Horn, Roper Extraordinaire

The Shoot Out in Holbrook

Go West!

Kitty LeRoy Was A Jig Dancer And Much More

August, the Dirty Low-Down Month

Baseball at the O.K. Corral

Jesse James Tastes Blood

Andrew “Buckshot” Roberts

It Always Rains After A Dry Spell

What can you tell me about Jack Slade’s wife?

A Defiant Outlaw-Hero Ballad

The Great Western and the Biggest Leg in Mexico

A Legendary Life

Blurred Lines