Melody Groves, La Frontera, $19.95, Softcover.
Melody Groves, La Frontera, $19.95, Softcover.

This award-winning page-turner finds brothers Trace and James Colton a few months after their captivity and vicious torturing by Apache leader Cochise. Trace has conquered his demons, but James cannot suppress his nightmarish hallucinations. Given a choice of prison or the Union army, and with the Confederates’ conquest of the Arizona Territory a certainty, James chooses the army in hopes of finding an end to his terrorizing memories. When Union troops become surrounded, James finds himself and his brothers once again face-to-face with Cochise in a deadly duel. Melody Groves masterfully places the Colton brothers in the midst of Southwestern Civil War and Apache War, where love, honor and friendship are put to the ultimate test.

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