Rani-Henrik Andersson, University of Nebraska Press, $50, Hardcover.
 Rani-Henrik Andersson, University of Nebraska Press, $50, Hardcover.

The “mystery” of the ghost dance has been written about for many years. Finally, thanks to impressive research by Andersson, the “mystery” has been taken out of the equation. For the first time, historical perspective from Lakota accounts, both written and oral, have been given their rightful place, along with accounts from various Indian agents and the U.S. Army. This book details the complex events on the reservations in the late 1880s, and the reemergence of the ghost dance, particularly among the Lakota. A total breakdown of communication and lack of understanding would lead to the 1890 massacre of hundreds of Lakotas, known as Wounded Knee. This book is the most well-rounded account of the subject to date.

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