Lauran Paine, Five Star, $25.95, Hardcover.
Lauran Paine, Five Star, $25.95, Hardcover.

These double-barreled stories use one of the great perennial tales—man hunting man. In “Hidden Valley,” young rancher Arch Sullivan takes several cowhands to search for hidden buffalo in a ghost country far west of his range. When they cut the trail of a stealthy band of hide hunters, Arch’s outnumbered crew still decide to save the fabled herd. Man hunts man. “Hurd’s Crossing” is terrorized by the vicious Roberts gang. Fort Jackson Lt. Sam Bennington is ready when the gang gallops in. At the roar of Sam’s shotgun, the enraged border ruffians retreat southward. Sam’s left in a nearly defenseless town when the gang swings back north of Hurd’s Crossing. Man hunts man again.

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