movie_westerns_print_searchers_man-from-laramie_destry-rides_unforgivenDorchester Publications is among a fairly finite number of publishers who continue to print both original and older Western novels. In its latest series, “The Classic Film Collection,” the publisher will reissue four novels, one per month, that inspired great Western movies.

The series begins with Alan LeMay’s The Searchers, available in bookstores now. The next book due out is Destry Rides Again, by Max Brand, which was filmed twice (once with James Stewart and once starring Audie Murphy). The book hasn’t seen print in 30 years.

Off the shelves for 50 years, even though it sold more than half a million copies, The Man From Laramie, by T.T. Flynn, was adapted into one of the critically acclaimed Anthony Mann-directed Westerns, which also starred James Stewart.

By May, bookstores will be stocking The Unforgiven, which, like The Searchers, was written by Alan LeMay and also dealt with racism in the West. Unforgiven was Audrey Hepburn’s only Oater, and Audie Murphy had a major role, just behind headliner Burt Lancaster.

It’s a real treat having these books back in print. If these classics sell well, Dorchester will keep filling those bookshelves.

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