Mike Kearby, Leisure Books, $5.99, Softcover.
Mike Kearby, Leisure Books, $5.99, Softcover.

The Western frontier was a cruel stretch of lonesome land where fate sometimes struck like a sidewinder. Ex-Missouri slave Free Anderson and his pardner Parks Scott learn this when they leave their ranch for supplies. At a saloon, they outdraw two gunslicks, but one dead man turns out to be the vicious Tig Hardy’s brother. Tig takes his revenge by burning the ranch and kidnapping Free’s young wife Clara. This spurs a desperate search across wind-ravaged wastelands and through uncharted mountains. Free and Parks trail her to the Ghost Mountain’s “Canon de Sierra,” where they learn the Apache way to win back a stolen wife—a horse race between captor and challenger with one survivor.  Fast paced and tense—what better trail to follow from page one?

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