April 2011

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How prevalent was “pot” in the West?

How did 19th-century government land grants to the railroads work?

Why did Gene Autry carry a two-gun rig minus one holster?

When did the practice of branding livestock begin in the U.S.?


What’s the difference between a marshal and a sheriff?

Did early Westerns actually film at night or just close down the lens?

Commodore Perry Owens vs. The Blevins Boys.

The Blevins Boys are in the House

A record-setting auction for an oil painting by cowboy artist Will James.

Wild Horses Run to the Top

A record-setting auction for an oil painting by cowboy artist Will James.

Wild Horses Run to the Top

How the realization that rats spread disease led to improved bait methods.

Baits, Traps and Old West Rats

Yummy scents turned some into criminals and most into customers.

Tempted by Baked Goods

What’s next for the recently-retired historian of Tombstone, Arizona?

Traywick’s Tombstone

A 19th-century gathering place revivifies Old Town San Diego.

A Cosmopolitan Rehab

Clint Eastwood

Now Playing: Hollywood Guns

Following their Intermountain West trail from Boise, Idaho, to Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Riches for Chinese Miners

Riding on the trails of the Baldwin family at Piiholo Ranch.

Maui’s Ranching Icons

Audrey Kalivoda


Open Range: The Life of Agnes Morley Cleaveland

Cowboy’s Lament: A Life on the Open Range

Richard D. White Jr. (Texas Tech University Press, $29.95)

Will Rogers: A Political Life

Tricia Martineau Wagner (Two Dot Press, $16.95)

Black Cowboys of the Old West

Mark Dugan (Northern Illinois University Press, $22.95)

The Brilliant Bandit of the Wabash

D.J. Herda (Lyons Press, $18.95)

They Call Me Doc: The Story Behind the Legend of Doc Holliday

Mattie: Wyatt Earp’s Secret Second Wife


For Your Reference Shelf

Seven Men

1956’s Seven Men From Now

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers’ Birthday Gifts


Legends: John Ford

Gunsmoke: The Fourth Season, Vol. 2

Clint Walker is still a mighty man, yet his kind nature can betray his vigor.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Clint?

Sizing up your boots.

True Fit


Snapshots of Old West History


The Last Great Buffalo Roundup

Memorable women on the Colorado River.

Cleopatras on the American Nile


The Real Rooster Cogburn


The Truth Behind True Grit

A multi-generation friendship with the Pawnee tribe helps sustain Kearney to this day.

Kearney, Nebraska


True Masterpiece

What does the American West have to do with that?

The Civil War Turns 150

Watering Your Horse

How Long To Haul

Hauling Horse

Ten tips for hauling

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