SF_buffalo-bill-Irma-hotel_cody,-wyomingWhile the American West inspires travelers to visit its boundless historic and natural wonders, Western historic hotels and saloons await the adventurous traveler with the splendid heritage of the past and the marvelous amenities of the present.

From Arizona’s boomtowns to New Mexico’s Hispanic roots, from Wyoming’s territorial entrepreneurs to Colorado’s railroad barons, the small towns and big cities of the West offer guests experiences in lavishly restored inns, hotels and saloons.

True West’s annual guide to heritage hotels provides travelers with a selection of the region’s best places to stay, eat and drink while enjoying the sights and amenities of some of the West’s most historic towns and cities. Book a room tonight and guarantee yourself a real “Old West” lodging and dining experience that will be one for the ages!

— Stuart Rosebrook


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