June 2017

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elizabeth vanlew true west

Lady Pinkertons

Belle Starr: The Bandit Queen

slim pickens jumping horse

Slim Pickens

wild bill hickok

Knights in Dusty Leather

howard kazanjjian true west

What History Has Taught Me: Howard Kazanjian

sears roebuck catalog true west

Bust Cream, Anyone?

ask the marshall true west

Why Are Old West Figures Portrayed in Such Black-and-White Terms—Either They’re All Good or All Bad?

mariano's choice true west books

Life and Death on the Fur Trade Frontier

sam bass true west

Paranoia Takes Jim Murhpy

ask the marshall true west

On Walker, Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris Had a Recurring Role, Told via Flashbacks, as 19th Century Texas Ranger Hayes Cooper. Did Such a Man Exist?

kansas cowtown true west

The Cheapskate of All Time

northfield bank robbery

A Litany of Train Robberies

billy the kid true west

Basking in The Limelight

calamity jane true west

Dinner in Deadwood with Calamity Jane

outlaws true west

Wanted Dead or Alive

ford true west

The Horseless Carriage Was Seriously Underestimated

underground miners wallace idaho true west

High Times in the Bitterroots

sears roebuck catalog true west

Shopping from Home in 1897 with Sears Roebuck

marion hedgepeth true west

Last of the Fast Guns

old tucson movie set true west

Western Films in Arizona

Sears Roebuck true west

Outselling the Best Sellers–Sears Roebuck

gila steamboat 1873 yuma crossing arizona true west

Mattie Summerhayes: An Army Bride from New England Follows the Guidon

killers of the flower moon david grann true west books

The Osage, Oil and the FBI

ask the marshall true west

While on a Cattle Drive, Did Cowboys Wear Their Handguns or Store Them?

polly hickok william hickok wild bill hickok true west

A Western Shootist is Born

Angel's Camp California true west

Angels Camp Gold Rush

preston lewis true west

Building Your Western Library: Preston Lewis

tombstone helldorado days true west

The Birth of Tombstone’s Helldorado Celebration

elzy law will carver sam ketchum true west

The Battle of Turkey Creek Canyon

john-clum-true west

John Clum: Pioneer Footballer

belle mckeever true west

The Lost Belle McKeever Mine

california trail days true west

Western Events for June 2017

Gatling gun custer true west

The Secret Artillery

the big empty jim jones true west books

Good for a Laugh… and a Shiver

burt alvord

Burt Alvord, Biddy Doyle and the Bisbee Caper

henry fountain ashurst true west

Arizona Senator Henry F. Ashurst

peace treaty true west

Did Any Indian Tribes Break Treaties the Way the U.S. Government Did?

civil war book true west

The Western War Between the States

colts 1837 paterson true west firearms

Colt’s Paterson—the Foaling of a Legend


John J. Kloehr Downs a Dalton

Marion Hedgepeth H.H. Holmes true west

Marion Hedgepeth Crosses Tracks with Serial Killer H.H. Holmes


Charlie Connelly Cut Short

juliet brier

She Was the Best Man of the Party

charles russell painting true west

A Woman’s Work is Never Done

silver city jeff guinn true west

Kill or Be Killed

endicott chub peabody harvard football true west

A Preacher Comes to Helldorado: Part III

western wisdom true west

Western Wisdom Worth Remembering

ask the marshall true west

What Happened to the Guns Used in the Gunfight Behind the O.K. Corral?

calamity jane true west

You Tell ‘Em Girl

johnny lingo true west

Johnny Lingo: Arbuckles’, Bean Masters & Boiled Strawberries

tombstone baseball true west

A Preacher Comes to Helldorado: Part II

rosebud true west

Rosebud Gets No Respect

maps true west

Mapping Our Way

endicott peabody true west

A Preacher Comes to Helldorado: Part I

ask the marshall true west

Did Augustine Chacon Kill 52 Men?