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The New Mexico Territory has one helluva hard case on the loose! Jim Jones’s The Big Empty (Five Star, $25.95) whips up the intense landscape of New Mexico for deputy Tommy Stallings, a man looking for justice while riding the trail of the murderous Jake Flynt, an outlaw who just may be the devil himself. Amidst trials of friendship, marriage, romance and redemption, Jones grants us a complex tale stitched together nicely by the characters weaving it. Though things may get ugly, readers are treated to
levity through humorous dialogue, and peace of mind through the perseverance of the good in man. Readers of the Western genre will appreciate this entertaining tale.

Nicole Maddolo Dixon, author of Bandito Bonita and Billy the Kid, The Scourge
of New Mexico

ghost town colfax county true west
Award-winning Western songwriter Jim Jones’s The Big Empty is a tale of violence, corruption and justice set in 1886 on the dramatic, high plains of New Mexico’s Colfax County.
– Courtesy Library of Congress –

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