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True West December 2020

Daniel Boone

The First Mountain Man

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daniel boone wilderness trail true west magazine

The Forgotten Founding Father

Daniel Boone and the Birth of the Frontier Movement

cherokee bill indian territory outlaw true west magazine

Cherokee Bill

Bold, Brazen Bank-Robbing Bandit of the Indian Territory

frederic remington painting of battle true west magazine

The Tragedy Of Antelope Creek

In January 1879, the Northern Cheyenne breakout from Fort Robinson ends IN A bloody one-sided victory for the Army.

scottsbluff new mexico true west magazine

Go West!

Travel back in time on America's historic western trails and discover where history happened during the building of a nation.


holiday feast western frontier true west magazine

A Dickens Christmas on the Frontier

Western pioneers brought the yuletide tradition of roast goose to their holiday hearths.

enchanted rock state natural area texas true west magazine

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Enchanted Rock is a dome of pink granite that rises about 385 feet above the bed of Sandy Creek. Its name comes from folklore; Indians credited the dome with magical powers.

state of texas true west magazine

On the Trail to Texas Statehood

Discover the Lone Star State, from Nacogdoches to Austin , 175 years later .

la querida at midnight bob boze bell true west magazine

¿Quien Es? Billy the Kid vs Pat Garrett

For her he took a bullet in the heart.

gary goldstein true west magazine

What History Has Taught Me: Gary Goldstein

Gary Goldstein joined the book publishing biz in 1988. This is his first appearance in True West. He cannot promise it will be his last.

campfire by moonlight painting true west magazine

Motorized Posses, Deadly Dry-gulchers And Indian Tobacco

Who was the first sheriff to pursue outlaws in a motorized vehicle? Why'd the women of the Donner Party fare better than the men? And more!

prescott arizona courthouse holiday true west magazine

December 2020 Western Roundup

As the holidays approach, western communities around the country are celebrating, cowboy style.

downtown fredericksburg texas true west magazine

Fredericksburg, Texas

German settlers brought unique culture to Texas Hill Country.

mexican american gunfights true west magazine

The Battle Over Salt

The San Elizario salt flats were the prize in a Texas feud.

virgil earp family true west magazine

Shooting Back

Our readers remind us of the variables and vagaries of historic truths, “well-established” facts, headlines and historical photographs.

apache buffalo hide coat clothing true west magazine

The Mystique of the Americas’ First People

Cowan's annual American Indian Art Auction sells out.

arcadia red barn linda simpton true west magazine

They Don’t Make ’Em Like They Used To

But we’re so lucky they once did.

olive johnson school teachers true west magazine

Olive Johnson

A coal camp teacher discovered herself and the world in the Mohrland, Utah, melting pot.

Western Books & Movies

shoot-out at sugar creek true west magazine

The View Ahead

In the last quarter of the year, publishers are busily touting end-of-the year books and next year’s early releases. From advance copies I have received, I believe fans of Western history and fiction will be busy for the next few months buying and reading a bounty of offerings from publishers, small and large.

monte walsh western film true west magazine

The End Of The Trail

Producer Bobby Roberts’ Western ensemble Monte Walsh remains a classic 50 years later.

the earps invade southern california book true west magazine

Blind Pig Bonanza

A new biography on the bonanza-seeking Earps, plus new Western histories and biographies on an Old West rifle, Spanish Texas, a coal war gunman and a Sioux War reporter.

More In This Issue

guthrie oklahome historical cops true west magazine

Capturing Protectors Of Peace

Rare shots of Old West lawmen with firearms—and without.