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The Cowboy Saloon of Stilwell and Stwart

Oklahoma historian reveals the real story of the ownership of the famous Charleston, Arizona, watering hole.

bob boze bell art true west magazine

Heroes and Villains, Sinners and Saints

For 20 years at True West, Bob Boze Bell’s art and illustrations have inspired and challenged our understanding of Western American history.

when ropes go wrong true west magazine

Western Art in Pandemics, Then and Now

Museum curators, gallery owners, and artists remain optimistic about the future.

Shotguns at Midnight: Virgil Earp vs. Unknown Assailants

Suspicion Points to Ike Clanton, Johnny Ringo, Curly Bill Brocius, Hank Swilling and Frank Stilwell. Take Your Pick!

The Artists Who Inspired a National Park

Photographer William Henry Jackson and artist Thomas Moran joined the 1871 Hayden Survey to Yellowstone and changed the world with their artwork.

Virgil Returns

The former lawman’s eight years in Yavapai County may have been the best of his life.

Birth Of A Lawman

Civil War veteran Virgil Earp was just settling down in Prescott when he joined a posse. his life was never the same.


Ouray, Colorado

The historic mining town trades on natural beauty, outdoor adventures.

western roundup oct 2020 true west magazine

Western Roundup: October 2020

Art Shows, Fall Festivals, Heritage Festivals, Historic Railroads and Music coming up in October 2020.


The Legendary Colt, the Earp Clan and Matt Dillon’s Lasso

Ask The Marshall.

What History Has Taught Me: Dennis Gallagher

Dennis Gallagher: Engineer, Artist and Western Heritage Promoter

The Bounty of the Hunt

Once a necessity to sustain life in the West, wild game became a gourmet menu item in the late 19th century.

Following the Tracks of the Kansas Pacific

Discover the beauty and history of the plains from Kansas City, Missouri, to Denver, Colorado.

Punch in a Pocket—1848 Baby Dragoon Revolver

Superior in design, function and quality to any other concealable pistol of the mid-19th century, Colt’s little “revolving pistol” was an immediate success. 

Western Masters Remain Strong

The annual sale attracted a who’s who worthy of a fine museum collection.

Studying History is One Thing; Walking History is Another

The West’s original emigrants will never be forgotten.

Western Books & Movies

Duels, Dice And The Sporting Life

Peter Brand’s long-awaited biography of Johnny Tyler, a new Pleasant Valley Western, biographies of a Texas Ranger and Calamity Jane
and the latest interpretation of Tombstone.

It Made ’Em Cry

The family classic Old Yeller is poignantly and lovingly recalled by its youngest cast members.