In Search of the West

Alfred-Jacob-Miller-the-Long-GreenhornCan you imagine walking in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery as they saw the Pacific Coast for the first time? Fighting the Comanches on the frontier lines with the Texas Rangers? Following the Santa Fe Trail from Bent’s Fort to Santa Fe with Kit Carson? Riding hard against the wind across the Arizona landscape with Geronimo? Walking the boardwalks of the wicked Kansas cowtowns with Wyatt Earp? Or tracking outlaws across the Indian Territory with Big Bill Tilghman?

For our 13th annual travel issue, we asked six writers to do just that: travel across Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arizona in search of the history and heritage of these iconic Western heroes. What they discovered and share with us will inspire your own travel-adventure into the West where you will create your own trail into the past, and leave your own footsteps in time.

—Stuart Rosebrook


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