(Warner Home Video; $35.99)
(Warner Home Video; $35.99)

Jonah Hex, the 2010 movie, was a disaster at the box office.

But Jonah Hex is a fine movie, in some respects; Josh Brolin’s performance as the lead character is terrific, Megan Fox is much better than expected, some of the action is very good and the film has a genuine sense of humor. Even some of the creepier elements work well.

The movie is worth renting or watching on cable. It might even be worth buying in this “combo-pack,” which contains versions in Blu-ray, non Blu-ray and digital, as well as extras, including two documentaries on the character and deleted scenes.

In the meantime, Hex is popping up all over the place. Some editions of the new animated DVD, Batman: Under the Red Hood, include an 11-minute Jonah Hex animated short, which is a little closer to what the movie should have been. In this vignette, Hex (voice actor: Thomas Jane) stumbles across a nasty scheme launched by a saloon girl and two thugs, and wraps it all up in his usual fashion, but with a bit of a twist at the end.

In the audiobook DC Universe: Trail Of Time, Jonah Hex and the rest of DC’s cast of Western characters help Superman slog his way through time to prevent a passel of dedicated varmints from changing the future—turning Superman into an actual wimp (instead of a pretend wimp) and killing Lois Lane

Jonah Hex may be down, but he’s far from out.

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