Seated, left to right: Red Cloud, Little Wound (ca 1835-1899), Yellow Bear (ca 1844-1913), Iron Crow, He Dog (ca 1840-1936)
Standing, left to right: Probably F.C. Boucher (or another interpreter), Little Big Man, Big Road, Young Man Afraid of His Horses (1836-1893), Three Bears, William Garnett (also known as Billy Hunter, interpreter)
Photo Credit: Mathew Brady, Courtesy Library of Congress


In September 1877, Red Cloud and Spotted Tail led a delegation of 10 Oglala, 10 Brulé and three Arapaho leaders to Washington, D.C. They traveled from Nebraska to meet with President Rutherford B. Hayes in opposition to the consolidation of their Red Cloud and Spotted Tail agencies on the Missouri River. President Hayes heard their case, and in a compromise, required the tribes to move to the Missouri River site for the winter, but in the spring of 1878 they could choose permanent reservations. The delegation sat for three images for Mathew Brady in his Washington, D.C., studio. The first image featured the members of the Red Cloud Agency, except American Horse, who is not in the photo.

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