Chuck Parsons, University of North Texas Press, $24.95, Hardcover.
Chuck Parsons, University of North Texas Press, $24.95, Hardcover.

Some revisionist researchers say the Sutton-Taylor war—which claimed some 80 lives between 1868 and the early 1890s—wasn’t a feud but an outlaw gang (the Taylors) fighting the law (the Sutton faction). Texas historian Chuck Parsons strongly rebuts that argument in his new book. His detailed account and analysis show what happens when different groups are determined to fight to the death, eye for an eye: a blood feud. Pistoleer John Wesley Hardin provided the star power for the fandango, but the horrific violence and terror engendered by the Suttons and Taylors gave the feud a near mythic status that lives even today.

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