August 2017

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Buffalo Bill: Why He Still Matters

ask the marshall true west

What Type of Poker was Popular in the Old West?

The Practical and Spiritual Mores of the High Plains Peoples

Buffalo Bill in the Movies

doc holliday true west

Doc Holliday’s First Killing?

John Wayne: “Bigger Than Life”

the dade massacre true west

The Deadly Dade Massacre

baca float o ro cowboys jay dusard true west

The Baca Float #5 “The O RO Brand”

Canyons, Chasms and Cataracts

Doctor George Goodfellow true west

The Tombstone Doctor

frontier dentistry true west

Frontier Dentistry

ask the marshall true west

What Did Photographers Use Before Flash Powder was Invented?

Buffalo Bill & His “Blood-Thirsty” Indians

ben hall movie true west

The Legendary Ben Hall

lawrence true west

Civil War on the Western Frontier

ask the marshall true west

Was Cochise County Sheriff John Behan a Crook?

An Arizona Outlaw

The Lawful Breed

Building Your Western Library with Andrew McBride

Dressed To Kill

bald knobbers true west

The Bald Knobbers

What History Has Taught Me: Cheryl Rogers Barnett

seminole war true west

The Steadfast Seminole

archer gang true west

The Archer Gang

Iron Ladies of the American Railroad

Western Events for August 2017

A Western Tale of Intrigue

Armchair Gun Show

dolan and murphy lincoln county war true west

Lawrence Murphy and the Lincoln County War

leadville colorado true west

“Big Ed” Burns

Queen of the Kansas Cowtowns

gem theater true west

A ‘Gem’ of a Saloon

Saved by YouTube

lotta crabtree true west

Lotta Crabtree

lola montez true west

Marie Delores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert aka Lola Montez

Red Hot for the Crowd

Buffalo Bill Busted

ask the marshall true west

What Rifles Did the U.S. Cavalry Carry During the Frontier Era?

Trooper’s Tales on the Southwest Front

Hunka, Hunka Burnin’ Iron

arizona ranger captain burt mossman true west

Carlos Tafolla and Bill Smith

curly bill and jim wallace true west

The Outlaw King of Galeyville

Val Kilmer at Doc Holli-Days

frontier newspapers true west

Those Fighting Editors of Territorial Arizona

The Last Man Standing

georgetown texas true west

Outlaw Jeff Ake

ask the marshall true west

What Was The Most Common Gunbelt Carried Out West?

barney riggs true west

Gunman Barney Riggs

A Hell-Bent Ride on a Snortin’ Prince of a Mule

Jim Miller Takes Out a Lawman

“Up And Down This Road I Go”

Beeves, Barons, and Barbed Wire