July 2016

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Western Books & Movies

Ford Set the Bar High

The Irish at the Alamo

The Buffalo Soldiers

More In This Issue

John P. Langellier

The Trapper’s Clothing

The Fall Creek Massacre

Deaf Smith and the Grass Fight

Wells Fargo Agent Relieved of Cash And His Prize Pistols

Ross Almost Got the Boot

Targeting Equality

Painting by George Caleb Bingham of "General Order No. 11"

General Order No. 11

Drawing of Charley Parkhurst

Charlie Parkhurst

Illustration of Hi Jolly by Bob Boze Bell

Hi Jolly

Redford’s Summer Surprise

Custer’s Cheyenne Lover

Photo of Gun

The Peacemaker

Photo of Jim Miller

Killin’ Jim Miller

Photo of Gun

Colt-Walker Revolver

Shot on the Fourth of July

Photo of Frank Canton

Canton Redeemed?

Photograph of Dr. Wiliam Rowan with other members of the Ouray Elks Lodge

Showboat Doc

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

Tall Paul

Ambush at Bloody Run

Image of Prescott Fire

Prescott’s Big Fire

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

Mining Your Own Business

Marshall Trimble

How accurate was 1999’s You Know My Name, about Bill Tilghman?

Photograph of Chief Quanah Parker

Eclectic Cast of Characters

Photo of Lash La Rue

Lash LaRue

Photograph of Temple Houston

A Crafty Attorney

Clifton’s Hardrock Jail

Painting by Charles M. Russell

Always Memorable June

Book Cover

Imagine No Cowboys

Photograph of Deadwood Stagecoach

Trails to Independence

Frank Eaton “Pistol Pete”

Sara Winchester

The Winchester Haunting

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

A Sobering Arizona Fact

Joe Beeler painting

The Cowboy Artist Star

Climax JIm

Climax Jim Rides Again

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

Gunfight Behind the OK Corral

photo of James Hume

Hume: Master Detective

Pioneer Eugene Frances Sanguinetti holding daughter Rosemarie with wife Lilah

Yuma’s History Comes Home

Frank Canton

Whippin’ Pistols

Sitting Bull

Knowing What Was Important

Marshall Trimble

Could pioneers identify a person by the horse he was riding?

Confederate Lt. Col. John H. Baylor

Fame is Fleeting


Custer’s Composer

An Imaginative Little “Recipe”

Image from "Trail Days" in Elko, NV

Western Events for June 2016