October 2016

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The Deadliest Enemy

The First Woman to “Despise” Polygamy

Football near the O.K. Corral

Rocky Mountain Rails

The Wandering Visionary

The Portrayals of Wyatt Earp

Jailhouse Rock

The Treacherous Murder of Captain Emmett Crawford

No Place Like Home

No Business Like Show Business

The Rightful Writer

Captain Burt Mossman

The Explosion

John Ford

John Ford- True to Hollywood

A Pioneer Paradise


Kosterlitzky: The Mailed Fist of Mexico

Whiskey River Ranger

Ranger with Attitude

John Bozeman’s Legacy

An Audacious Adventure


Ask the Marshall

What History Has Taught Me

The Duke and Dollor

Branding Cattle: The XXX

Western Events for October 2016

lou blonger

Schemer, Lou Blonger


Hotel Escalante the Grand Harvey House in Ash Fork, Arizona


An Outcast in Her Own Town

Mescalero Melee

DVD Review: The Girl of the Golden West

Jim Roberts

Uncle Jim’s Last Gunfight

Berry Ketchum

Frank Hamer’s Recuperation in Pecos

Stagecoach Mary

Legendary Lady of the West

Outlaw Josey Wales

Struggling for a Dream


In Frederic Remington’s Aiding a Comrade, what is the name of the holder that carries two of the men’s rifles on the front of their saddles?

Pancho Villa

Pancho’s Pension

Tom Collins

Building Your Western Library

Adams Diggings

The Lost Adams Diggings


A Bloody Ranger Battle


Klondike Dining with the Earps

John C. Columbus-Hill

The Strangest Adoption in the History of the West

Augustine Chacon

The Escape of Augustine Chacon

Marvin Red Burton

Marvin “Red” Burton

John C. Fremont

Gambling with Men’s Lives

Hank Worden

Friends in Film


Joe Felmer’s Mule

Bitter Waters

A River of Life

Classic Gunfights: Die Hard

John Wayne Blazing Saddles Blog

A Different Blazing Saddles?


Did most Old West lawmen always carry guns?

Charles W. Cook

Yellowstone’s Early Explorer

Trapper's Rendezvous

The Trapper’s Rendezvous

Virgil Earp

Virgil’s Sixgun

Hugh O'Brian

Hugh O’Brian: Brave, Courageous And More Than A Little Bold

Chronic Yawner

Not Bad for a Chronic Yawner

Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder

Frederic Remington

Riding with the Master

Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim

Apache Foe

A Formidable Foe

Overland Trail

Road to Destiny

George Parsons

George Parsons: Tombstone Insider

Noble Tickster

The Noble Trickster

John Reno

A Holdup for the Ages


The Storied Hashknife


What do you have to say about my favorite movie cowboy, Lash LaRue?