True West April 2020

Rebels & Outlaws

Jesse James: Birth Of A Killer

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Brothers in Blood: Jesse James and Billy the Kid

“One of the most brutal things in the world is your average 19-year-old American boy.” —T.J. Stiles, from Jesse James

Jesse James: The Birth of a Killer

Born into the Missouri-Kansas border war over slavery, teenaged Jesse James was destined to live a violent life.

Jesse James True West

Birth of an Outlaw Hero

Jesse James in Pop Culture 1875-1903

Special Classic Gunfights: Shoot-out at Stinking Springs

Billy the Kid’s Gang Vs Pat Garrett’s Posse.

True West Exclusive: Long Lost Jailhouse Interview with Billy the Kid and Illustration Uncovered

Billy the Kid experts from around the globe weigh in on why these new Billy Bonney documents are significant.

To Hell on a Fast Horse – Ten Years On

The Highs and Lows in the Continuing Saga of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett .

The Alamo True West

And Die Like a Soldier

William Barret Travis’s Death at the Alamo

1908 Jesse James True West

Western Movies Special: Rebel Raider to Rebel Hero

How Jesse James became one of Hollywood’s favorite outlaws.

Mount Rushmore True West

On the Road Again

Historical sites, stunning landscapes, welcoming small towns and outdoor adventures await the intrepid Western traveler.

Mining South Dakota True West

Black Hills Gold

Explore South Dakota’s sacred mountains and discover a bonanza of historic mining towns.

Palace Saloon True West

Strike it Rich

A circle tour of Arizona leads to Old West adventures for the whole family.

Fort Smith

Across the Old Southwest

Trailing the life and career of black lawman Bass Reeves across Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Laramie River True West

Gold in Those Wyoming Hills

Crisscross the Cowboy State and discover the miners’ bonanza trails and historic camps.

Pillars of the Plains

A century since women received the right to vote, travel to North Dakota and discover the heroines of the Peace Garden State.

History Haunts Nevada’s Byways

Discover the remarkable heritage of the Silver State from Las Vegas to Elko.


Restore the Alamo!

Work gets underway on reclaiming the mission of 1836.

“I Think I Can, I Think I Can”

The folks of Ely, Nevada, don’t understand the word “No.”

Watkins True West

The Bitter Truth

Whiskey bitters became an elixir for women on the frontier.

Wickenburg Arizona True West

Way Out Wickenburg Way

Discover the Old West history and heritage of one of Arizona’s oldest towns.

Chris Stapleton True West

Western Roundup

April 2020

What History Has Taught Me: Robert J. Randisi

Author of over 550 western novels, including 470 novels in the ongoing Gunsmith series.

ask the marshall true west magazine

Gunfighting Gals and Death Chairs

Ask The Marshall.

Western Books & Movies

Born Outlaws

Bill Markley’s dual biography on Jesse James and Billy the Kid, a new Texas frontier history, two Western novels and a new history of the American Indian.

The Long Riders True West

Bands of Brothers

Forty years after the release of The Long Riders, the actor-writer-producers, cast members and legendary director Walter Hill reflect on the making of a Western classic.