Mount Rushmore True West
Just outside the historic mining town of Keystone, South Dakota, Mount Rushmore National Memorial rises majestically from the Black Hills.
– Chad Coppess, South Dakota Department of Tourism –

In 2020, travelers willing to venture off the interstate into the heart of the Western United States can experience the simplest to the most adventurous vacations. Whether camping with a bedroll under the stars or staying in a  luxurious five-star resort, a vacation out West will saturate the spirit with experiences that can only happen when immersed in a place rich in natural, cultural and historic sites.

For the 18th year, True West’s editors have asked six Western authors to take us into the heart of the West and re-discover their favorite towns, the best museums, geographic wonders and unique byways and highways to history. I am sure that after reading about their adventures in Arizona, Arkansas, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming, you will be ready to pull out your maps and begin penciling out your next Old West road trip.

—Stuart Rosebrook

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