J.P.S. Brown, University of New Mexico Press, $26.95, Hardcover.
J.P.S. Brown, University of New Mexico Press, $26.95, Hardcover.

For a quarter of a century, undeclared wars crackled along the Arizona-Sonora border where more than 175 ranchers and young Sonoran men have been slain by drug gangs and wolfish people smugglers. 7X Ranch, owned by 75-year-old Jim Kane, lies in the middle of that disputed line, while the mountain rimmed El Tigre Ranch owned by his 80-year-old pardner Juan Vogel is also threatened by Lobo drug gangs. When they discover their troubles stem from a friendly Arabic rancher who is actually running a covert drug operation guarded by Muslim mercenaries and subverted Mexican cavalry, Jim and Juan plan a hunt for human wolves. Yet when Lobos brutalize Jim’s two teenage grandchildren, it’s war to the death. Backed by old army friends with AK-47s and M-79 launchers, they hit the mountain drug fortress in the night and collide head-on with Mexican cavalry.  Then, as the Hard Rock Miners would shout, it’s “Fire in the hole!”  Here’s a book as modern as the latest newscast, yet filled with the mystique of an undying West.

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