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True West November 2019


"I Should Never Have Surrendered!"

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1873 Trapdoor Springfield true west magazine

In the Hands of History

The 1873 Trapdoor Springfield Rifle.

R.F. Zogbaum true west magazine

Blazing the Trail for Remington

R.F. Zogbaum—the Other Western Illustrator.

henry stanton true west magazine

The Long Journey Home

New Mexico’s historic Fort Stanton memorializes the courageous officer’s name, but the tragedy behind the young captain’s death and burial bears remembering.

geronimo true west magazine

The Glorious & Tragic Last Days of Geronimo

In spite of being a prisoner of war, Goyathlay (his real name) rode in Teddy Roosevelt’s inaugural parade and visited the White House. With his growing national notoriety he began to cash in. He favored three-piece suits, and he had a sweet tooth for lemon pie. He was a master haggler and, by one account, a fearless homemaker. Truth be told, he was a master at beating the White Man at his own game. At the end of his long, rich life, what was his dying wish?

A schoolteacher in New Mexico found the answer.

This is that story.

watsons hat shop custom western hat maker

Modern West Pioneers

Western hat makers keep their craft alive one customer — one hat — at a time.


bob boze bell wyatt earp horse true west magazine

Wyatt’s Stallion, the Apache Kid and the Code of the West

What became of Wyatt Earp’s horse, Dick Naylor? How did the term “Code of the West” originate? Did a youngster named Al Smith name Hole in the Wall?

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask The Marshall

On Gunsmoke did the actors drink real beer?

geronimo true west magazine

Geronimo Steals the Show

The 1898 Indian Congress didn’t please anyone.

Fort Bayard true west magazine

If the State Won’t Do It

A New Mexico community says it’s willing and able to save a historic fort.

hats true west magazine

Santa Fe Art Pilgrimage

Lebel’s 30th Annual Cody Old West Auction and Show continues as a mecca of Western Americana.

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

Did Sam Bass ever work as a deputy U.S. marshal before becoming an outlaw?

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

Did Wells Fargo have its own detective force?

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

Did America Indians kiss on the lips as an expression of affection?

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

How did wagon trains keep law and order on the trail?

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

How did cowboys, working in the heat of summer, stay cool in their hats?

prescott arizona true west magazine

Prescott, Arizona

Everyone’s hometown maintains its Old West heritage with pride and joy.

western events true west magazine

Western Roundup

For November 2019.

pioneer pie true west magazine

Pioneers and Their Pies

All across the West travelers can still enjoy sweet or savory slice of history.

alaska true west magazine

Alaska at 60

Visitors to the 49th state will discover Old West adventures abound across the last frontier.

Lieutenant Edward W. Casey true west magazine

An Officer and a Gentleman

Army Lieutenant Edward W. Casey served his country in the Western Indian campaigns with distinction and honor.

george stevenson true west magazine

Bullets, Bread & Bad Behavior

George Stevenson vs Holm Olaf Bursum.

ask the marshall true west magazine

Ask the Marshall

When did the practice of horseshoeing begin, and what was the purpose of doing so?

W. Michael Farmer true west magazine

What History Has Taught Me: W. Michael Farmer, Author

W. Michael Farmer’s in-depth historical research and Southwestern experiences fill his stories with a genuine sense of time and place. He has published award-winning novels, short stories in anthologies, and essays.

Western Books & Movies

us small arms true west magazine

U.S. Small Arms of 1855

Review ofJohn Willyard's U.S. Model 1855 Series of Small Arms.

good time girls

Soiled Doves

Review of Jan MacKell Collins’s Good Time Girls of Colorado: A Red-Light History of the Centennial State and Good Time Girls of Arizona and New Mexico: A Red-Light History of the American Southwest.

American Disruptor true west magazine

California Robber Baron

Review of Roland De Wolk’s American Disruptor: The Scandalous Life of Leland Stanford.

robert carradine true west magazine

Born to the West

Robert Carradine reflects on his career in Westerns and his family’s rich legacy in Hollywood.

A Sinister Splendor: A Mexican War Novel true west magazine

Living and Dying Along the Rio Grande

Review of Mike Blakely's, A Sinister Splendor: A Mexican War Novel, an ambitious novel of the Mexican War.

western books true west magazine

Chronicling the West

Western novelists and historians keep the Old West alive through hard work and their dedication to the crafts of writing and research.