December 2017

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Lakota West

spokogee true west

A Long Feud Between the Brooks and McFarlands

Aimee Semple McPherson True West

Aimee Semple McPherson Part II

ask the marshall true west

Who played Johnny Ringo in Tombstone? And do you think the real Ringo took his own life?

True West’s Ultimate Historic Travel Guide: Southern Prairie and Plains

Surviving a Meal in Dodge City

jesse james true west

Jail Time Saved Hobbs Kerry

aimee semple mcpherson

Aimee Semple McPherson Part I

Montana Frontier Chinese Culture

Kit Carson and the Mountain Men

ask the marshall true west

What is a Red River Cart?

train true west

The Day the Train Rolled into Phoenix

Hancock’s War

Tucson Railway 1880's True West

The Day the Steel Rails Reached Tucson

Isaiah Dorman

Building Your Western Library with Tom Van Dyke

charlie bassett true west

Charlie Bassett

jesse james true west

The No-Loot Savannah Debacle

Western Events for December 2017

Texas Desperado

Charlie Meyer True West

Territorial Justice

True West’s Ultimate Historic Travel Guide: Northern Prairie and Plains

James Addison Reavis True West

The Great Swindler James Addison Reavis

A Bad Customer

The Last Territorial Acquisition

ask the marshall true west

What Happened to the Remains of the Alamo Defenders After They Were Burned Following the 1836 Battle?

ask the marshall true west

Is Tombstone home to two Boothills?

Jerked to Jesus

arizona charlie true west

Arizona Charlie

creed taylor cowgirl magazine

Creed Taylor–A Texas Giant

mountain man true west

Mountain Man Extraordinaire

DVD Review: Gun the Man Down

What History Has Taught Me: Reba McEntire

True West’s Ultimate Historic Travel Guide: Great Basin and Rocky Mountains

red ryder true west

Red Ryder BB Gun

arkansas tom true west

Roy Daugherty aka Arkansas Tom Jones

Nellie cashman true west

The Angel of Tombstone–Nellie Cashman

johnny barnes john corbett tombstone true west

Tombstone Cow-boy: Johnny Barnes

A Bozeman Christmas

red jack gang

Red Jack Almer

The Bayou City

santa anna true west

The Leg I Left Behind Me Part 2

Spirit of the West

The Kinder, Gentler, Sam Peckinpah

john younger true west

Dallas Lawman Down

santa anna true west

The Leg I Left Behind Me Part I

An Unusual Scale

Lincoln County’s New History

lost dutchman mine true west

Dutchman’s Gold

warlock true west

Two Wyatts from Henry Fonda

True West’s Ultimate Historic Travel Guide: The Desert Southwest

The Other Bowie’s Epic Battle

johnny tyler true west tombstone

Wyatt Earp Really Did Drag Johnny Tyler Out of the Oriental Saloon

A Tol Tale of Texas

placerville hangtown colorado true west

Hangtown Residents Demand a More Civilized Name

john younger true west

The Youngest Younger Kills a Dallas Lawman

french prostitute true west

The Belles of San Francisco

True West’s Ultimate Historic Travel Guide: The Pacific Coast

albert behan true west

The Earps Raise a Behan

Johnny Lingo: Tis the Season

The Other Woman

john wayne and bond true west

A Bond Sealed with a Shot in the Behind

wives wanted true west

Courtship and Marriage in the Territories