June 2016

60+ Years of True West Magazine

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Donald and Kiefer Sutherland

Sutherland’s Ride Together

photo of Art Acord

Silent Film Actors were Tough

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

Digging Billy the Kid

Marshall Trimble

How do today’s cowboy boots compare to those of the Old West?

Jack DeMattos' Article in True West Magazine

A True West Writer’s 40-Year Journey

Charlie Meyer

Judge Charlie Meyer

Picture of a Cowboy Cook

Virginia Chow-Chow

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

A Blast at the Tucson Train Station

Phil Spangenburger and horse Nevada at Shooting Competition

A Good Gun and a Trusty Horse

Photo of Calamity Jane

A Few Quotations We Shouldn’t Forget

Photo of Myles Keogh

A Song for the Good Times

Still of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

The Revenant Takes Home Oscars

photo of Beaver

The Fur Trade In the American West

Buffalo Bill Cody's Cowboy Band

Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band

"The Death of Delgado" book cover

Tales of the West

Curly Bill

Curly Bill Laughs at His Fate

Illustration of Frank Hamer by Bob Boze Bell

Sweetwater Shoot-Out

Jonathan Goldsmith

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Photo of Abbie Keith

She Knew Because She’d Lived the Life

Marshall Trimble

What is a soogan?

Illustration of Desert Landscape

On the Old Gila Trail

Ben Thompson Lawman

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

Cold-Blooded Roommates

Woman Cooking in a 19th Century stove

Ranges on the Range

Harper's Weekly Illustration

Did Remington Capture Clanton’s Last Breath?

Frank Reno

Reno Gang’s Disappearing Money

Map of the Gadsden Purchase

Arizona’s Quirky Diagonal Border

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

Remington in Arizona

John Boessenecker's Book

An Epic Life of a Lawman

Federal Writers Project Poster

Secrets from the Horse’s Mouth

Carol Wright Crigger

Northwestern Mystery Author Shares Favorite Reads

Joe Hardin

Hangin’ Time

desert landscape

How Far Would You Walk to Get Home?

Marshall Trimble

Can you shed some light on a photo of Red Cloud’s wife in a cabin featuring a Japanese katana sword on the wall?

Henry Wheeler

Harry Wheeler and the Rock Fight Gunfight

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

30-Love at Fort Apache

Lucia St. Clair Robson

Lucia St. Clair Robson

Sam Lone Bear

Lakota Globetrotter

Tom O'Day

“Vaulted” in Belle Fourche

Rachel Emma Allen Berry

The Many Houses of Rachel Emma Allen Berry

the legend of russian bill book

The Legend of Russian Bill

Gary Cooper in High Noon

The Best Western Movie Gunfights

Illustration by Bob Boze Bell

Two-Gun Men

Illustration of Frank Hamer by Bob Boze Bell

The Rise of the Toughest Texas Ranger

Kate and sister Wilma

She Was More Than a Big Nose


Wyatt Earp’s Pistol

Jesse james

Jesse James’ First Kill

Leonardo Dicaprio in The Revenant

13 Major Facts The Revenant Got Wrong

Illustration of Crook by BBB

Beyond the Border with Crook

Elmer McCurdy

A Well-Traveled Corpse

Courthouse Plaza, Prescott, AZ

Mile-High Getaway

Bronco Billy

Bronco Billy

Blood on the Marias -book cover

Tragedy on the Montana Frontier

Illustration of Pinetop by BBB

The Town Named for a Hairdo


Wave of Violence

Terror of Tiny Town cast

An Unusual Hero

Mollhausen's Sketch of the Grand Canyon

J.C. Ives Visits the Grand Canyon

What is your opinion of John Wesley Hardin?

Comancheros Poster

Curtain Close with The Comancheros

BBB Illustration

Exiled Into Celebrity

May Day Pole

May was Always a Good Month in the Old West

Charles Russel painting of Indian with Bow

Indian with Bow Hits Mark

Rustlers Nate Champion and his brother Dudley Champion

Requiem of the Rustlers

Bud Ledbetter

Bud Ledbetter, The Fourth Guardsman

art by Bob Boze Bell

Blazing Pols

Deadwood, SD re-enactment

Deadwood, South Dakota: Entertaining Guests Since 1876


Ruthless Joe Sparrow

Tumacacori Mission Remains 1908

Jesus Went West, Too

"The Apache Wars" book by Paul Andrew Hutton

The Wind and the Darkness

Depiction of Dealer with Card

Show Low vs. a Straight Flush

Larry Hazen

Brazen Hazen

Pioneer Family Eating by the Wagon

Eating on the Move

Tri Robinson with wife Nanxy at the reburial site in Cody, WY

Freedom from the Freeway

Katie Benders 1872 advertisement as a healer

Dinner at the Devil’s Inn

Strother Martin

A Trifecta of Westerns

Hopalong Cassidy

Hopalong Cassidy

Ask The Marshall

What was the “Badger Game?

Evelyn Cameron

Treasures from the Basement

Woman on a Horse

The Culture Bearers

Depiction of Jack Mellon

The Wizard of the Colorado River