Gospel of the Gun (Fiction)

Sean Chandler, Branded Black Publishing, $15.95, Softcover.
Sean Chandler, Branded Black Publishing, $15.95, Softcover.

Gun-toting, menacing riders of the Disciple Gang with aliases such as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John thunder through Tombstone, Arizona. Folks wonder where Wyatt Earp might be, as these dozen hard cases and their pistols spear crimson death all the way to the forlorn hamlet of Wewoka Indian Territory. They’re hunting down one of their own, Judas, for stealing loot from their leader Lucif R. Shadows. When they finally meet up with him, he’s become a preacher man. Now the reader will discover just whose side the Lord is on. This psychedelic story, mixing religious theology and Western lore, deserves a place on readers’ bookshelves as a compelling curiosity.

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