Andrew J. Fenady, Leisure Books, $6.99, Softcover.
Andrew J. Fenady, Leisure Books, $6.99, Softcover.

Jeff Keys is a Civil War veteran-turned-mercenary. He joins some ragtag oddballs in their quest to find five million dollars in stolen Confederate gold bullion stashed in Mexico.  Directing the expedition is a red-haired, cigarette-smoking, sex machine who looks like Rita Hayworth.  Heading south, they encounter crooked sheriffs, deadly comancheros, Mexican Federales, Yaqui Indians, murdered ranchers, captive virgins, tortured wives and almost every other tobacco-spitting, dross-eyed stereotypical character imaginable. With the help of bullwhips, dynamite and a Gatling gun, the gold is salvaged and hauled back to Arizona only to be turned over to the U.S. government. Now who would believe that?

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