George Parsons in Tombstone

During the early days of life in Tombstone the main only diversion was playing cards but that soon changed as the business district developed. They drank, gambled, frequented bordellos, lied, bragged and fought. And they went to church.

George Parsons arrived in Tombstone in February 1880 and on the first Sunday he was in town he noted in his journal, “I went to church this a.m , hearing one had just started and heard the young minister, McIntyre by name in a tent. Seats on boards resting upon boxes. Good attendance considering.”

A few weeks later he wrote “Hard work for him to preach on account of dance house racket in rear…….The place is rather a poor one for divine service.”

Nobody was shunned from attending church. Even the so-called Shady Ladies regularly attended the Episcopal service then depart for the saloons on Allen Street to ply their trade.

Likewise the men thought nothing of stopping by the saloons and having a few drinks before heading to church.

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