November 2016

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The Doomed Prince of the Pistoleers

Deadwood Dick: The Man Who Never Was

Through Yavapai-Apache Eyes

During the Great Depression, Did People Eat Tumbleweed Soup?

Burning Through Texas

One fascinating and Formidable Pioneer Woman

Less than Magnificent


The Million Dollar Hangover

Hardin’s Disputed Death

Western Events for November 2016

Highway of History, Last Chance Byway: The History of Nine Mile Canyon

Impactful Western Short Film, Borrowed Time

What History Has Taught Me

Winfield Scott: The Fighting Parson

Why Did Stage Drivers Sit on the Right Side?

Building Your Western Library

Adah Issacs Menken: The Great Menken

Texas Ranger Ben “Dad” Pennington

Navajo Women Helped the War Effort, Too

TRUE WEST MOMENT: Geronimo on the Beach

Saying Goodbye to an American Hero

Brown Bowen

Buckaroos and Basques

Billy Breakenridge Zwing Hunt

Law and Order on the Border

Granville Stuart: Gentleman Vigilante

Bread Across the West

Fantastic Firearms in Cody

Did Old Westerners Generally Load only Five out of the Six Chambers?

The Women on the Mother Road

The Walk Down

John Larn

The Apache Kid’s Neck Mojo

Buckskin Frank Leslie

The ‘Perfesser’

On to Oregon

Indiana’s Reno Gang

Roses So Sweet They Remember

Joe Walker Mountain Man, Scout and Explorer

The Mormon Handcart Migration

Michael Gambon’s Western Moment

Starvation Winter

Raining Bricks and Shooting Citizens

When’s the Last Time You Visited Last Chance, Montana?

Which Cards was “Wild Bill” Hickok Holding when He was Murdered?

Blood On The Canvas

Victoria Claflin Woodhull

When Mrs. Satan Ran for President

“Brazen Bill” Brazelton

Juanita Brooks

Good Words of Advice as the Noose Awaits

Tales of Pat Garrett

October was Black Bart’s Favorite

DVD Review: Cemetery Without Crosses

The Killing that Put Hardin on the Run

Mountain Charley

Inspired by Deadly Work

It Happened in Globe

A Photo has Always Been Worth a Thousand Words

A Clear Path to a Clear Fork Post

Forgotten Old West Character: Bose Ikard

The Bombing of Naco

Do Westerns Accurately Show how Horses are Saddle Broken?

Bad Medicine

The Coward of Little Big Horn

Bill Hickman

War and Peace in the West

The Coolest Guy in the Room

Preserving Polygamy

Entertainment and the Arts

The Unbroken Peace Treaty

Their Name Lives On

Augusta Tabor