cowboys-and-gangster-wpIn Cowboys and Gangsters: Stories of an Untamed West (TwoDot Publishing, $16.95) Samuel K. Dolan refutes the idea that the frontier of the American Southwest ended sometime during the 1890s.  In the early 1900s, the peace officers of the Southwest were, in many cases, the same men who had dealt with Apache raiders, outlaws and banditos of earlier times. Dolan is a first-class storyteller who, having grown up in Arizona, knows the country and the people. And he sets his exciting tales on a solid foundation of fact, utilizing official records and newspaper accounts, as well as oral histories. This is one of those books that a fellow reads just to enjoy the well-told stories it
contains. And then it goes on t
he shelf as valuable resource material that chronicles the little-known lawmen, outlaws and gunfights that shaped the history of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

—Jim Wilson, senior field editor
NRA Publications

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